Client - Uday Nanda
Location - Breach Candy, Mumbai
Date of completion - 2012

In the hustle bustle and noisy city, the client wanted to create an abode, which was serene and peaceful. A space that would bring nature home, a space, which would create a paradox to the city fast paced city life, a space where one could let go of life’s worries and submerge in its comfort. In keeping with clients brief, this project entailed seamlessly incorporating elements of nature and outdoor activities within a functional living space. Original floors and etched glass windows were retained, the living room was provided with wood cladding, the base of glass-topped dining table resembled a trunk of a tree and a fishing boat in the living room added an extra element of interest.

This apartment, which is part of a vintage Victorian building, retained its old world charm by incorporating the existing style elements within the design.